Mobile se Group Conference Call Kaise kare? जानिए सबसे आसान तरीका!

 • How to make group conference call from mobile? Know the easiest way!

How to make a conference call?

Friends, the need for conference calls keeps people reading and when we talk on the call with our friends, then we call together with more than one person, then it is called conference call when we have to talk to the office member or any other person. There is also a type of group discussion to be done. So for this, every person takes the help of the people of the group, but there are some people who still do not have any idea about what is called a conference call. Keep in mind that we are not talking about video conference here, here we are telling you about voice call conference.


Friends, when we have to say one thing to many people, then in order to save our time at that time so that we do not get worried, then in such a situation you can conferencing the call and talk with more than 1 person. Huh. And what you had to say to different people, if you can say it to many people at once, then both your things are saved.

How to make a conference call?

Friends, you must have seen all of you that the conference option is given in a different way inside each mobile phone, but the process is the same, for this today we will tell you the same way, how to make a conference call, but do not face all these things. Before we do, we want to tell you one more thing that what is a conference call.

What is a conference call?

Friends, when you talk live on a mobile phone with many people at a time, then we call it a conference call, such a group call or a double call can also be done during a conference call when someone speaks something. So all the people involved in the conference call are heard by them, which means that all the people who are talking to each other in the conference call can easily hear the words said by him. Huh.

How to make a conference call?

Friends, if you want to make conference calls, then first of all you have to have a mobile phone. Whether it is Android or the feature of keypad conference is found inside all types of mobile phones, then you can talk to any person on the conference, apart from this you should have a third person's number. Which you want to add to the conference call and you do not have to have the same SIM company, no matter which company it is the SIM card, it does not matter, still you can talk to any person on the conference call Huh.

If you are thinking that we will have to pay any charge for making a conference call, then you are absolutely wrong to think that no person has to pay a charge for joining the conference call. The person who has made the conference call from the phone has to pay the charge, the person receiving the call does not have to pay any kind of money.

How to make conference call from mobile?

Friends, here we are telling you step by step, what are the methods you will have to adopt to make a conference call, then you can make your conference call by following these steps given by us.

Step 1

First of all you have to call to any of your earlier friend or relative, then your friend picks up the call.

Step 2

Once the call is received, you can also call the second friend or relative and click on the add call option, by doing this your first friend or relative will go on hold.

Step 3

By clicking on the head call, you will come to the contact of the mobile from where you have to call any friend or relative of your third.

Step 4

After that you will see the marge option, you have to click on it, then conference call will be written on your mobile phone, now everyone is connected to each other, in this way you can talk to your friends on a conference call.

How to make conference call in Jio phone?

Friends, making conference calls inside Jio phone is a little different than Android mobile phones, but it is not a difficult reason, we will also tell you this in very simple language, so that you do not face any problem in making your conference call, just for this you can contact us. Tell me, you have to follow some easy steps.

Step 1

First of all, you have to make a call through your Jio mobile phone to a friend of the past.

Then click on Options in the right side

Step 2

Then you will see the add call option to call another friend, click on it.

Step 3

After that you have to click on More Options in the right side. Then there you will see two options

Call Log

You can enter the number by typing it manually through this option.


In this, you can select the number from your phone contact.

How to call the company from Jio phone?

Step 4

Friends, if the option of Merge comes in front of you, then you can write on it, click on it or not.

So friends, in this way you can make group conference call through jio mobile phone.

What are the benefits of a conference call?

Friends, if we talk about conference calls, then we get many benefits because of this advantage, it has become very necessary for people to make conference calls because it has helped many people.

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