Title: Sign up to get 8888TRX!  Earn cryptocurrency (TRX) TRON via now!

🔹Join the mining contract. Real-time income: minimum deposit 5TRX

         -Cumulative 5-49,999 TRX daily minimum profit 3%

         -Cumulative 50,000-200,000 TRX daily minimum profit 3.5%

         -Cumulative 200,000-500,000 TRX daily minimum profit 5%

         -Accumulated 500,000-999999 TRX, minimum daily profit of 7%

         -Accumulated 10000000-1999999TRX, minimum daily profit 8%

         -Accumulated more than 20000000TRX, the minimum daily profit is 10%

✅Invite registration rewards:

    Level 1 user 30TRX

    Level 2 user 20TRX

    Level 3 user 10TRX

    Unlimited invitation rewards

✅Invite recharge rewards:

    Level 1 users 10%

    Level 2 users 5%

    Level 3 users 2%

Unlimited invitation rewards

Please have a look at our requirements for video production:

0.Video production must be at least8minutes.

1. Register your account in the video and remind the audience to remember their login password and security password. Registration reward: 8888TRX energy gold in ore pool, energy gold helps increase the calculation power of the ore pool, you can unlock this amount after 120 days of mining, permanent benefits. Let users share promotion links, junior registration, basic wallet can get three levels of TRX energy gold reward: level 1 30TRX, level 2 20TRX, level 3 10TRX.

2. Teach users to log in every day, where to click to get 3-10% of daily mining revenue, and how to get it

3.. The video tells the user where and how to recharge, copy the payment address wallet, open the virtual currency wallet and recharge with TRX. Video demonstration of personal wallet used to top up. You need to tell the customer to top up at least 5TRX, withdraw profits, video shows how to withdraw money every day.

Investment income ratio of basic wallet [minimum investment amount 5TRX] :

- Cumulative 5-49,999 TRX minimum daily profit 3%

- Total 50,000-199,999 TRX minimum daily profit 4%

- Total 200,000-499999 TRX minimum daily profit 5%

-Accumulated 500,000-999999 TRX, daily profit minimum 7%

- More than 10,00000TRX, minimum daily profit 10%

Customers can also be told to recharge into the promotional wallet, participate in the investment of regular products, and receive the principal and income together when the time is due.

4. There are three ways to obtain team funds: Top up for first-level users, you will get 10% of the team income.

Second level user recharge, you will get 5% of the team income, third level user recharge, you will get 2% of the team income

5. Key points (share and display your invite link in the video, then share your sign up invite link with everyone, your members and all your social software), teach your audience how to use the invite link to sign up and share

6. Describe the income and commission earned on the team. Let your audience know the importance of team development and how your team can benefit from your audience. You can actually earn commissions from your team when your users sign up and recharge via the sign-up invitation link at the bottom of the video. Conversely, you can earn team commissions when your subordinate invites his friends to sign up and recharge. When secondary users continue to invite friends, you will also receive a third level commission from your team

7. When your audience signs up via the sign-up invitation link at the bottom of the video, you get 10% of the user's top-up, which is how your team makes money. Conversely, when tier 2 users recharge, they also get 5% of the team's revenue. When tier 3 users recharge, they get 2% of the team's revenue.

8. Tell your users to withdraw revenue daily, every 24 hours

9. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted on any social application such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instatrma, Tiktok, KAO KAO, etc. You can also earn more money by inviting friends and family to sign up.

10. TRX must be used when video shows investment. You cannot invest in USDT, this will result in your financial loss, please check carefully when charging

The following should be included in the video introduction [note: the registration link can be replaced by your personal promotion link, and you will get income from referral customers, which is a very important part of your income] :

This is a stable income for a long time


Registration link :

The white paper company:

Cable channel:

Cable customer service:

Title: Sign up to get 8888TRX!  Earn cryptocurrency (TRX) TRON via now!

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